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At Bloomsbury we offer the best female hair loss solutions, so be ready to be inspired! Your new hair created with the highest quality European hair available on the market today. Our bespoke wigs are made to offer you the beauty and elegance of natural hair without interfering with your lifestyle.

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Female hair loss solutions

Bloomsbury at the London hair clinic is very proud to provide each of our clients with the very latest technology in hair replacement and clinically proven hair loss solutions, hair loss prevention and custom women’s hair replacement solutions.

Bloomsbury is a recognized leader in multi-therapeutic hair loss treatments, hair restoration and hair replacement for women suffering from early to advanced stages of hair loss such as alopecia, balding, and thinning hair.

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Bloomsbury is at the forefront of the female hair loss replacement industry

We have revolutionized the industry of women’s hair replacement by providing non-surgical hair replacement to clients suffering from hair loss in all its various forms.

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As a celebrity in the public eye, my hair needs to look good. Modelling different looks & styles can be demanding. Bloomsbury of London can give me the look whatever is required at the photoshoot.

Jenny Frost, celebrity TV presenter

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Female Hair loss

Female hair loss is more than just a cosmetic problem it can have a huge effect on an individual’s confidence and well-being. Many women who are affected by it can also begin to feel insecure and avoid situations in which their hair loss could be noticed such as at swimming pools, working out or social gatherings. Women’s hair loss can contribute to the appearance of premature ageing, this can lead to emotional distress and in some cases cause depression.

At Bloomsbury, we understand the emotional impact, we take great satisfaction in restoring your confidence and overall appearance.

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    Our recognition

    Bloomsbury’s successful accomplishments have been recognized by some very highly reputable reviewers like the BBC – “The One Show” and a video feature carried out by the Guardian. The Institute of Trichologists, and The Tricholigical Society have all reviewed and recognised Bloomsbury as a place “That provides exceptional service and products to those suffering hair losses”.

    Hair loss solutions for men

    To learn about the UK’s leading provider of men’s hair loss solutions please visit www.thelondonhairclinic.co.uk

    What we offer

    Comprehensive hair and scalp evolutions; we can offer you the best available options specific to your individual needs. Our team of highly trained hair loss professionals includes award-winning stylists that will provide you with the most natural look and up to date styles. At Bloomsbury, we take pride in providing women with complete privacy and confidentiality all while offering complete customer satisfaction. In as little as one week you can get your hair back using the most advanced hair replacement solutions on the market today. You can still live an active lifestyle like swimming, playing sports, enjoying social events and gatherings. We offer help and support to individuals that have tried other hair replacement methods. Bloomsbury offers complete customer satisfaction to ensure you love the way you look. Ethically sourced human hair of the highest quality allows us to create bespoke enhancement solutions with the highest quality offered in the U.K.

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