Alopecia solutions

At Bloomsbury’s we offer a wide-range of Alopecia hair pieces. We are fully aware of the devastating effects caused by hair loss to an individuals’ confidence and self-esteem so we ensure that we have a range of products to suit everyone. We have come up with the highest quality range of Alopecia wigs in the UK.

The London Hair Clinic is proud to be a member of Alopecia UK’s Service Directory. Our membership of AUK’s directory helps to support the charity’s work to improve the lives of those affected by alopecia.

As a celebrity in the public eye, my hair needs to look good. Modelling different looks & styles can be demanding. Bloomsbury of London can give me the look whatever is required at the photoshoot.

Jenny Frost, celebrity TV presenter

Bloomsbury is proud to be providing life changing solutions for numerous hair loss sufferers affected by a wide range of alopecia conditions. We successfully provide pieces, in its many forms, from thinning hair to alopecia, auto-immune and scarring alopecia disorders. We provide hair replacement whether the hair loss is diffused, patchy or localised in a particular area. Our custom wigs for Alopecia patients are made to restore the confidence and self-esteem of our clients.

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Why choose Bloomsbury?

Bloomsbury’s also takes pride in providing hair pieces for patients that are made from natural human hair. With a transparent base which sticks to the scalp like a layer of skin, nobody would know you are carrying an Alopecia wig. UK has many sufferers of this condition and we are proud to be able to help.

Our solutions often depend upon the extent of the hair loss and we look forward to demonstrating the most innovative hair replacement products available both globally and in the UK.

Hair loss solutions for men

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We actively offer advice and support for patients seeking full or partial NHS funding. Our experience with Alopecia patient resource groups including PCTs and CCGs, has proved invaluable in preparing successful applications.

Please advise us before making your appointment if you are considering a funding application. Furthermore, all our consultations are completely discreet and confidential so you can approach us with confidence. We are able to provide instant solutions for more aggressive forms of Alopecia.

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    Non-surgical options

    Your professionally-trained, personal stylist, an expert in hair replacement, will examine your thinning areas to determine what kind of bespoke hair replacement system we’ll need to create for you. Hair that matches your exact color, texture, curl pattern and density is individually attached to your system using our proprietary one hair at a time process. We can create a look that is undetectable on an ultra-thin, invisible layer that breathes like skin. Your personal stylist will blend your new hair with your existing, assuring it won’t move using a safe, medical grade adhesive. Then the fun part: Your personal stylist makes you look and feel great. Your hair will be expertly cut to achieve the look you want. The only regret our clients have is “why didn’t I get started sooner”