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We have more than 20 years of experience

Bloomsbury has been established now for over 20 years. It was developed by one person who suffered from hair loss and quickly realized there were many people out there that took advantage of people that suffer from Hair Loss and never really showed any empathy but were more interested in a direct sales approach, taking advantage of their vulnerability in what is a very personal and private matter.

From the knowledge, passion and experience gained Bloomsbury was developed and has become a very successful and growing Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Clinic that believes in providing an honest approach to hair loss. With its dedicated team of specialists and state of the art technology, we can offer our clients the exceptional service and products they deserve at a very affordable cost.

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Hair loss solutions for men

To learn about the UK’s leading provider of men’s hair loss solutions please visit www.thelondonhairclinic.co.uk

Our recognition

Bloomsbury’s successful accomplishments within Non-Surgical Hair Replacement have been recognised by some very highly reputable reviewers like the BBC – “The One Show” and a video feature carried out by the Guardian.

The Institute of Trichologists, and The Tricholigical Society have all reviewed and recognised Bloomsbury as a place “That provides exceptional service and products to those suffering hair losses”.

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Frequently asked questions

Bloomsbury Wigs prides itself on providing the best possible service to our clients. Part of that service is to answer any and all the questions people have about hair loss and non-surgical hair replacement. Click on the links below to find out the answers to these questions we have heard people asking.

Another misconception of human hair is that is very difficult to look after and is an everyday job. This is untrue! Good quality virgin human hair only needs to be washed around once a month! The base of the wig can be washed more often, but the hair itself doesn’t need any more than once a month. The great thing about human hair is that it can be styled, but doesn’t have to be! The hair will behave naturally, whether you have ordered straight, slight wave or curly hair. Products like oil and hairspray can be used in the hair sparingly, but all in all, human hair is very easy to look after, infact, a lot easier than your own hair!

If you have your own hair, our wigs have four clips on the inside, that grip into your hair (without pulling or causing any loss) to ensure the wig is secure. All caps are customized to make sure they are a perfect fit, but using a form of attachment will ensure you feel completely happy with the security of the wig and have peace of mind. If you have lost most of or all of your hair, tapes can be used to secure the wig in place. The tapes we use are all medical grade and hypoallergenic and come in different strengths. You will be talked through how to use and remove these tapes, and they are a great option to secure the wig in place.

Human hair is definitely more natural looking than synthetic hair. The main benefit of synthetic hair is that the style stays in the hair, but the downside to this is heavy processing means the wigs only last a few months. Good quality human hair will not only look better, but behave like your own hair, and can be styled with heat, worn up and coloured. They will also last a lot longer with good care.

It is a common misconception among people looking for a wig, that they need to have very little or no hair to be able to wear one comfortably. This is untrue. A lot of women wear wigs with their own hair either tucked up underneath or loose and worn down. If you have most of or all of your own hair, you can clip the wig on to your existing hair, meaning it will be secure. You could also go for the other option of a half wig, just to enhance the hair you already have. Reputable hair clinics will never make you shave or cut your own hair to wear a wig, unless you want to do so.

Yes, our human hair wigs are perfect for clients going through Chemotherapy, as they can be styled, coloured and cut to match your own hair exactly. This makes the transition a lot easier between starting treatment and losing your hair. Our Semi-custom wigs are all made from European virgin hair, and can be ready to wear in around 2 weeks. Our wigs can be worn with or without hair, so throughout the whole process of treatment and hair regrowth. We can make wigs from a client’s own hair, or bespoke for a client, but these do take around 4 months to make, so usually not appropriate for clients going through Chemotherapy. For this reason, our semi-custom European hair wigs are very popular.

Our knowledgeable team

Bloomsbury provides the highest level of service and attentive care that each hair replacement client should expect and deserves. As a member of The Trichological Society (TTS), our code of conduct and integrity reflects the high standards demanded by TTS.

Our achievements and specialties;

  • Certified hair replacement specialists
  • Bespoke fittings and hair design
  • Trichology specialists
  • Professional wig makers
  • Hair replacement repair specialists
  • Top-quality European hair providers
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Our mission

The London Hair Clinic strives to make every client look and feel their best using the latest hair restoration and regrowth technologies available. The London Hair Clinic is committed to satisfaction and stands behind its hair loss products and services

Our goal

To provide comprehensive hair loss information to individuals. Once we have a clear understanding of each person’s needs we strive to perfect and present tailored options, then deliver on those options to meet the client’s expectations.

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As a celebrity in the public eye, my hair needs to look good. Modelling different looks & styles can be demanding. Bloomsbury of London can give me the look whatever is required at the photoshoot.

Jenny Frost, celebrity TV presenter

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