Non-surgical capillary implants have been developed for men and women with alopecia: partial, diffuse or total. To remedy a lack of hair, there are several techniques to find hair without surgery. Thanks to the different concepts of capillary implants find yourself with hair. What better than to be reborn with a hair that fits you perfectly, live with a face that is yours?

Choosing a look that you like with hair is possible!

Implants which are non-surgical such as DermOgraft, Permagraft and Folligraft are the latest methods which are quite popular nowadays. They are synthetic skins called membranes, micro-porous, which allow breathing the scalp, thin, transparent, on which are implanted natural hair conform to yours. There are many institutions for female hair replacement in London which you can consult. Fixed permanently, these last generation non surgical implants will erase the fact that you are bald. The appearance is perfect. You will finally have the pleasure to pass your hand through your hair, to wash your hair and to comb your hair with the sensation that it is your hair.

Like a contact glass on the eye, they restore the missing hair, respecting the hygiene of the scalp. You can live and practice your leisure safely. For women, unlike the classical wig, which is removed and recovered with the fear that it will move, there are options consisting of an aerated skin on which are implanted natural or synthetic hair, in Colour and length.