Health problems and cancer issues may lead to permanent hair loss, resulting in leaving patients disheartened and unhappy. In some of the cases, doctors and physicians recommend using artificial hair styling styles and synthetic hair wigs to keep their physical appearance up to date and elegant. Permanent human hair wigs is one of the most common solutions that people with no or negligible hair. If you wish to buy a new wig or planning to make a switch from your current one, then read the tips below to know which one you must buy and why:

What are the Advantages of Using Natural Hair Wigs?

  • Offers more realistic appearance than that of synthetic wigs
    • Ensures greater durability
    • Adds style and glamour to your current appearance
    • Meet your styling and maintenance requirements as your real hair
    • Can be customized and coloured to suit your current look
    • Can tolerate heat from styling appliances

What are the Disadvantages of Natural Hair Wigs?

  • Artificial hair and permanent wigsreacts to climate the way your real hair does
    • Hair wigs are required to be reset/restyled after shampooing
    • Coloured wigs will oxidize/fade with exposure to light
    • Harsh brushing, back-combing or overuse of heat styling products may damage the wig to an irreparable extent
    • Can be heavier than synthetic wigs
    • As compared to synthetic wigs, natural hair wigs are more costlier and demand high maintenance
    • May require usage of specialized products and portions to keep them appear real and shiny