Sadly, chemotherapy has a few side effects apart from sudden loss of hair and the patients often need to do more than buying an attractive scarf or wigs for chemo patientsThe more you learn about how this treatment is going to affect you, the better prepared you are to combat those. Preparing your mind and body for the worst side effects of this treatment is probably the best way to combat those side effects. Let us share some tips on that.

  • Make sure that you eat well balanced meals. Your body is hurt and it needs the nutrients to rebuild the cells and tissues.
  • Learn more about the specific disease and also the treatment. When you know what to expect, the element of surprise is eliminated and anxiety regarding the same is gone.
  • Get adequate rest and relax as much as possible. Ask for help for daily tasks from people around you and get your body the time to heal better.
  • Keep yourself engaged in a new hobby or acquire a new skill. The less you think about your illness, the better it is for your psychology. Read a good book, if nothing else.
  • When the doctor permits, get yourself some fresh air and do light physical exercise. This will help you reduce the tension, boredom and also help you grow a healthy appetite.
  • Stay happy and be with loved ones and friends. They are the force which will keep you going during this difficult time.

That’s it. We wish you a happy and quick recovery from whatever ailment you are facing.