When hair loss starts, the first logical step for a woman would be to consider hair extensions. The hair toppers can be either clip-in or bonded using glue. They can also be woven into your hair or fused with the existing hair. However, you want it to be, you can choose a decent supplier to start with as only then you will get authentic real hair toppers in UK. Clip in hair extensions are generally a set of four wefts. They vary in size and they have to be applied from the back of your head, upwards. The main benefit of these hair toppers is that they put much less stress of the existing hair follicles. They are easy to apply and remove which means you can use them without any expert assistance.

Bonded real hair extensions, on the other hand, would require the same care you take for your real hair, including shampoo and conditioners. However, you should ensure that no stress is placed near the bondage boundary as they might lose the grip from that.

Hair extensions and toppers are great when you grow a bald spot which affects only a certain part of your scalp. You don’t need a full wig in this case and a hair topper would do the job perfectly for you. This partial wig is made to fit on your head and merge with your existing hair. They can also be used to increase the thickness of your existing hair. They can conceal thinning patches on your head as well.