As well as being essential for those suffering from alopecia or other hair loss conditions, wigs are becoming an increasingly regular accessory in personal wardrobes.

Whether you are experienced in the wearing of wigs or just beginning the experience, it is vital to understand how to style wigs. Top tips to achieve this include:

Get measurements correct!

We have all seen the effect an ill-fitting wig can have on a person’s appearance. Don’t fall into this trap by simply selecting the first wig you come across. Take your time when selecting, try out various sizes and designs to ensure the wig does not constantly ‘ride up’, slip off or look misshapen and out of character.

Make sure your wig provider measures your head and explains the right size for you. Once this important fact is established, you can then look at a complete range of wigs and styles that best suit your appearance and personality.

Positive, Proud and Confident:

It is natural to be a little hesitant when wearing a wig and this is particularly the case for those new to the experience, but taking a positive approach, feeling proud of your new look and having the confidence to wear your chosen wig with head held high will do wonders for something that will quickly become second nature.

Pay a visit to your hair salon:

Never forget that you are a unique individual with individual looks. As such you should consider customisation of your wig(s) to enhance appearance. This can easily and quickly be achieved by visiting your chosen hairstylist. Discuss with them what effect and look you are seeking to achieve and listen to suggestions in terms of trimming, shaping or thinning your wig.

Consider colouring:

This is another point you can discuss with your hairstylist or go it alone. Changing the colour of your wig can make a startling difference to your appearance. Try colours that enhance your features and in turn this will create a new “you!”.

Don’t skimp on care products:

When looking at how to style wigs, top tips must include the use of correct care products on a regular basis. Those plumping for synthetic wigs need to purchase and use care products which have been specifically formulated for synthetic hair. As for those choosing wigs made from human hair, care products that are sulphate and paraben-free or those which have been formulated to maintain colour should be used.

This type of regular care maintenance will ensure that your wig remains in good condition, looks vibrant and continues to enhance your overall appearance.

Keep a spray bottle at hand:

This is such a simple way to style your wig that it must not be overlooked. Investing in a water-spray bottle will allow you to style the wig as you please. This is achieved by lightly spritzing the hairpiece and running your fingers through it.

Such a procedure works by revitalising any limp strands, helps to smooth frizz away without having to wash the entire wig and also removes any static electricity.

There are many more methods in terms of how to style wigs, top tips galore, but the use of a simple water-filled spray bottle is certainly one of the cheapest, easiest to carry out and most effective tips you can take advantage of.