Alopecia is the common term which is given to the condition of hair loss. However, there are a number of different types of the condition which can affect those who suffer in different ways. For this reason, different people may require different types of wigs.

So what is the best wig for alopecia? The answer is that there is no ultimate alopecia wig and it will depend on your personal circumstances. Wigs come in different sizes and shapes to cater for all alopecia patient’s needs.

Do you need an alopecia wig?

Dealing with hair loss will be challenging for most people. They are not sure how to deal with it because they are facing uncharted waters where drastic changes in appearance may be happening. Most people will also not know how to wear alopecia wigs because they have never had to use one before.

It is important to understand that this is a very common condition and that there is nothing to be ashamed about. Alopecia wigs may or may not be right for you and wearing one may depend on which stage of hair loss you are currently going through. There are around 5 different stages of hair loss and many of these stages may not require the use of a wig. It all comes down to your own preference and if you prefer to use one then that is great, however, most people who suffer the condition will usually wear one at stage 5 hair loss which is close to a complete loss of hair.

How to know which wig is right for you

When it comes to picking out the right alopecia wig for you, it is best to first take some measurements. You want to ensure that the wig fits perfectly and will not fall off easily. Chances are that you will require an average size wig. An average size wig should fit a head that has a circumference of 21.5 to 22.5 inches. Luckily almost 95% of women will fall into this size category which makes it easy to just purchase alopecia wigs online.

If you are shopping in store, then of course try them on first and choose one that makes you feel confident and beautiful.

How to take care of your wig

Taking care of your wig is very important as you want to ensure that your new hair piece is always looking beautiful and clean.

There are a number of steps that go into maintaining and cleaning your alopecia wig. Most of these steps will remain the same, no matter what type of wig you are wearing.

You should conduct basic cleaning procedure after you have worn your wig between 10-15 times. Often, a build-up of grime and sweat can appear so you want to wash your wig before this happens.

When it is time to clean your wig you can do so in a water basin or sink using cold water. Using cold water only will ensure that your wig lasts longer. You can use a basic shampoo that contains all natural ingredients. Make sure that you wash the piece gently and only do so for 2 minutes or less. When you have finished, rinse under cold water.

To increase the life further you can also use a conditioner.

Where to Buy your Wig

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