The history of wearing wigs stretches right back to Ancient Egypt and has remained popular through the ages. The global wig business is now a huge, thriving business sector offering a wide variety of solutions for those looking to purchase and wear wigs that are made with various materials.

Before we consider which are the best wigs to buy, here are two reasons people use them:

Hair loss:

While hair loss is a natural part of aging it can distress many. This is particularly the case for women. Another reason that both sexes lose hair is due to the skin disease alopecia areata that is understood to be caused by an abnormality in the immune system. While it can affect the hair on every part of your body it most commonly causes hair loss to the scalp.

Another unavoidable, but necessary reason that people lose their hair is due to undergoing certain kinds of chemotherapy treatment for cancer.

Hair loss can be psychologically devastating and cause issues in terms of self-esteem and confidence. Using carefully selected and styled wigs is an effective way to change this appearance.

Changing appearance:

Even with a full head of hair many men and women enjoy wearing wigs which change and enhance their appearance. It is often seen that once a person is comfortable wearing a wig they will gradually accumulate a collection of wigs to be used for different occasions.

Types of wig:

Wigs are made from different materials and here are the 3 most popular types.

Synthetic fibre wigs: These are less expensive wigs which are generally made from synthetic fibres such as acrylic and nylon. This type of wig is mass produced, generally made by machine, and has the advantage of being very durable. Due to mass production, there is a good choice of pre-made styles to choose from such as straight, curly or wavy and some of these wigs are made to be styled at home.

Monofilament wig: This type of wig is known as a wefted wig and features inset, transparent micro-mesh sewn in at the crown with individual strands hand-tied into the mesh. These strands can be made from either synthetic fibre or human hair. This type of wig is popular for those suffering hair loss caused by medical treatment.

Human hair wig: When considering which are the best wigs to buy the consensus is that wigs made from human hair are head and shoulders above any other type of wig. Here are 10 reasons why:

  • More natural to the touch
  • More natural in texture
  • Soft and fine
  • A well-fitted human hair wig gives the hairline a more natural look
  • Hair movement is extremely realistic
  • Colours of human hair wigs offer clear dimension
  • Easier to style
  • Excellent heat resistance – There is no problem to use hair dryers, curling tongs or heated rollers
  • Less susceptible to tangling
  • Longer lasting – Synthetic wigs generally look good for between 3-6 months whereas a wig made from human hair can last for several years

The ideal choice for those serious about wig use:

It is clear from the above that those who are serious about wearing a wig will benefit from one made with human hair. It is true these are more expensive than other types of wigs but the advantages they offer and enhanced appearance given is well worth such an investment.