Many of you are asking yourself this question. It should be noted that if they are properly fixed the two types of extensions can be combed, washed, brushed and of course, worn daily. There are, however, several important differences between the two. It should be specified in advance that the benefits of extensions in natural hair outweigh those of extensions in synthetic hair. That said, some benefits may be more important to your eyes and, therefore, make you opt for synthetic hair. This will be a personal choice. We take a look at real hair wigs only.

Easy care / hairstyle: Being of the same nature as your own hair, the first advantage of natural hair is that they maintain themselves in the same way: very easily. Natural hair extensions naturally react; they do not get tangled (or much less than synthetic hair) and therefore require less brushing, they dry at the same time as your hair. In general, the hairstyle is easier if you use natural hair. And there are some good cheap real hair wigs to meet your budget.

Flexibility: All the techniques that you usually apply to your hair can be applied in the same way to natural hair extensions: smoothing, curling, staining (preferably at a professional), etc.

Discretion: Another obvious advantage: it is impossible to distinguish them from your own hair and is therefore undetectable. If the extensions were asked by an experienced person!

Durability: Extensions in natural hair have a long life: up to one year for quality extensions! And if you worry about the price which very often is on the high side, there are some good quality cheap real hair wigs available but you might settle for less hairstyle option there.