Natural Hair Or Synthetic Hair: The Eternal Dilemma For Women!

Many of you are asking yourself this question. It should be noted that if they are properly fixed the two types of extensions can be combed, washed, brushed and of course, worn daily. There are, however, several important differences between the two. It should be specified in advance that the benefits of extensions in natural hair outweigh those of extensions in synthetic hair. That said, some benefits may be more important to your eyes and, therefore, make you opt for synthetic hair. This will be a personal choice. We take a look at real hair wigs only.

Easy care / hairstyle: Being of the same nature as your own hair, the first advantage of natural hair is that they maintain themselves in the same way: very easily. Natural hair extensions naturally react; they do not get tangled (or much less than synthetic hair) and therefore require less brushing, they dry at the same time as your hair. In general, the hairstyle is easier if you use natural hair. And there are some good cheap real hair wigs to meet your budget.

Flexibility: All the techniques that you usually apply to your hair can be applied in the same way to natural hair extensions: smoothing, curling, staining (preferably at a professional), etc.

Discretion: Another obvious advantage: it is impossible to distinguish them from your own hair and is therefore undetectable. If the extensions were asked by an experienced person!

Durability: Extensions in natural hair have a long life: up to one year for quality extensions! And if you worry about the price which very often is on the high side, there are some good quality cheap real hair wigs available but you might settle for less hairstyle option there.

Which Are The Best Wigs To Buy?

The history of wearing wigs stretches right back to Ancient Egypt and has remained popular through the ages. The global wig business is now a huge, thriving business sector offering a wide variety of solutions for those looking to purchase and wear wigs that are made with various materials.

Before we consider which are the best wigs to buy, here are two reasons people use them:

Hair loss:

While hair loss is a natural part of aging it can distress many. This is particularly the case for women. Another reason that both sexes lose hair is due to the skin disease alopecia areata that is understood to be caused by an abnormality in the immune system. While it can affect the hair on every part of your body it most commonly causes hair loss to the scalp.

Another unavoidable, but necessary reason that people lose their hair is due to undergoing certain kinds of chemotherapy treatment for cancer.

Hair loss can be psychologically devastating and cause issues in terms of self-esteem and confidence. Using carefully selected and styled wigs is an effective way to change this appearance.

Changing appearance:

Even with a full head of hair many men and women enjoy wearing wigs which change and enhance their appearance. It is often seen that once a person is comfortable wearing a wig they will gradually accumulate a collection of wigs to be used for different occasions.

Types of wig:

Wigs are made from different materials and here are the 3 most popular types.

Synthetic fibre wigs: These are less expensive wigs which are generally made from synthetic fibres such as acrylic and nylon. This type of wig is mass produced, generally made by machine, and has the advantage of being very durable. Due to mass production, there is a good choice of pre-made styles to choose from such as straight, curly or wavy and some of these wigs are made to be styled at home.

Monofilament wig: This type of wig is known as a wefted wig and features inset, transparent micro-mesh sewn in at the crown with individual strands hand-tied into the mesh. These strands can be made from either synthetic fibre or human hair. This type of wig is popular for those suffering hair loss caused by medical treatment.

Human hair wig: When considering which are the best wigs to buy the consensus is that wigs made from human hair are head and shoulders above any other type of wig. Here are 10 reasons why:

  • More natural to the touch
  • More natural in texture
  • Soft and fine
  • A well-fitted human hair wig gives the hairline a more natural look
  • Hair movement is extremely realistic
  • Colours of human hair wigs offer clear dimension
  • Easier to style
  • Excellent heat resistance – There is no problem to use hair dryers, curling tongs or heated rollers
  • Less susceptible to tangling
  • Longer lasting – Synthetic wigs generally look good for between 3-6 months whereas a wig made from human hair can last for several years

The ideal choice for those serious about wig use:

It is clear from the above that those who are serious about wearing a wig will benefit from one made with human hair. It is true these are more expensive than other types of wigs but the advantages they offer and enhanced appearance given is well worth such an investment.

What Is The Best Wig For Alopecia?

Alopecia is the common term which is given to the condition of hair loss. However, there are a number of different types of the condition which can affect those who suffer in different ways. For this reason, different people may require different types of wigs.

So what is the best wig for alopecia? The answer is that there is no ultimate alopecia wig and it will depend on your personal circumstances. Wigs come in different sizes and shapes to cater for all alopecia patient’s needs.

Do you need an alopecia wig?

Dealing with hair loss will be challenging for most people. They are not sure how to deal with it because they are facing uncharted waters where drastic changes in appearance may be happening. Most people will also not know how to wear alopecia wigs because they have never had to use one before.

It is important to understand that this is a very common condition and that there is nothing to be ashamed about. Alopecia wigs may or may not be right for you and wearing one may depend on which stage of hair loss you are currently going through. There are around 5 different stages of hair loss and many of these stages may not require the use of a wig. It all comes down to your own preference and if you prefer to use one then that is great, however, most people who suffer the condition will usually wear one at stage 5 hair loss which is close to a complete loss of hair.

How to know which wig is right for you

When it comes to picking out the right alopecia wig for you, it is best to first take some measurements. You want to ensure that the wig fits perfectly and will not fall off easily. Chances are that you will require an average size wig. An average size wig should fit a head that has a circumference of 21.5 to 22.5 inches. Luckily almost 95% of women will fall into this size category which makes it easy to just purchase alopecia wigs online.

If you are shopping in store, then of course try them on first and choose one that makes you feel confident and beautiful.

How to take care of your wig

Taking care of your wig is very important as you want to ensure that your new hair piece is always looking beautiful and clean.

There are a number of steps that go into maintaining and cleaning your alopecia wig. Most of these steps will remain the same, no matter what type of wig you are wearing.

You should conduct basic cleaning procedure after you have worn your wig between 10-15 times. Often, a build-up of grime and sweat can appear so you want to wash your wig before this happens.

When it is time to clean your wig you can do so in a water basin or sink using cold water. Using cold water only will ensure that your wig lasts longer. You can use a basic shampoo that contains all natural ingredients. Make sure that you wash the piece gently and only do so for 2 minutes or less. When you have finished, rinse under cold water.

To increase the life further you can also use a conditioner.

Where to Buy your Wig

As a company that was set up by a hair loss sufferer just like yourself, Bloomsbury wigs understands first-hand the devastating effect of hair-loss.

Or please contact us today and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and arrange a fitting.

How To Style Wigs – Top Tips

As well as being essential for those suffering from alopecia or other hair loss conditions, wigs are becoming an increasingly regular accessory in personal wardrobes.

Whether you are experienced in the wearing of wigs or just beginning the experience, it is vital to understand how to style wigs. Top tips to achieve this include:

Get measurements correct!

We have all seen the effect an ill-fitting wig can have on a person’s appearance. Don’t fall into this trap by simply selecting the first wig you come across. Take your time when selecting, try out various sizes and designs to ensure the wig does not constantly ‘ride up’, slip off or look misshapen and out of character.

Make sure your wig provider measures your head and explains the right size for you. Once this important fact is established, you can then look at a complete range of wigs and styles that best suit your appearance and personality.

Positive, Proud and Confident:

It is natural to be a little hesitant when wearing a wig and this is particularly the case for those new to the experience, but taking a positive approach, feeling proud of your new look and having the confidence to wear your chosen wig with head held high will do wonders for something that will quickly become second nature.

Pay a visit to your hair salon:

Never forget that you are a unique individual with individual looks. As such you should consider customisation of your wig(s) to enhance appearance. This can easily and quickly be achieved by visiting your chosen hairstylist. Discuss with them what effect and look you are seeking to achieve and listen to suggestions in terms of trimming, shaping or thinning your wig.

Consider colouring:

This is another point you can discuss with your hairstylist or go it alone. Changing the colour of your wig can make a startling difference to your appearance. Try colours that enhance your features and in turn this will create a new “you!”.

Don’t skimp on care products:

When looking at how to style wigs, top tips must include the use of correct care products on a regular basis. Those plumping for synthetic wigs need to purchase and use care products which have been specifically formulated for synthetic hair. As for those choosing wigs made from human hair, care products that are sulphate and paraben-free or those which have been formulated to maintain colour should be used.

This type of regular care maintenance will ensure that your wig remains in good condition, looks vibrant and continues to enhance your overall appearance.

Keep a spray bottle at hand:

This is such a simple way to style your wig that it must not be overlooked. Investing in a water-spray bottle will allow you to style the wig as you please. This is achieved by lightly spritzing the hairpiece and running your fingers through it.

Such a procedure works by revitalising any limp strands, helps to smooth frizz away without having to wash the entire wig and also removes any static electricity.

There are many more methods in terms of how to style wigs, top tips galore, but the use of a simple water-filled spray bottle is certainly one of the cheapest, easiest to carry out and most effective tips you can take advantage of.